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What is a Game Jam?

The 4th Winter Game Jam is open to everyone who likes games and wants to create, test and talk about games. Starting on Friday the topic will be revealed to all participants at the same time. Then, after the ideas are pitched, team will be built around ideas and games are to be created. Finally, on Sunday, the projects are presented and can be played and tested. There is also a user voting to honor the best games in various categories where everybody can vote - so bring your friends and family ;) The game jam is not restricted to game designers or programmers, but is open to everyone who wants to build games. Each team is in desperate need for visual and audio artist, animation experts, web page writers, storytellers, testers, etc.

99% digital #klujam!

Due to the second lockdown we have decided to go 99% digital with our game jam. Please join in and register!

How so? We'll provide an online meeting for the topic announcement and the project pitching as well as for the presentation of games. Throughout the game jam we'll stream & code at the same time and we invite all of you to do the same! Using the Discord server we can stay in contact and have our coffee talks or the first morning beer together, just like in the good old times ☕


We encourage heavy use of our digital communication channels including our

How to participate?

If you plan on joining the fun, please use the registration form below (or the one on eventbrite) to let us know you're coming. We are looking forward to providing you with a great game jam experience!

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This GameJam's theme is...

Choose A Path


These are optional criteria your game can match if you want to.

  • Less than a minute per round
  • Permanent consequences
  • Future retro
  • Not a single trashpanda 🦝
  • Online multiplayer
  • Voice acting extraordinaire
  • Extensive character creator


  • All sorts of games are allowed, eg. video games, board games, card games, etc.
  • Your game must fit the topic.
  • You can work in a group (preferred) or alone.
  • You can use pre-existing code, like libraries or code samples.
  • You can use pre-existing art, like from OpenGameArt or FreeSound.
  • You can use external tools like Tiled or Spine 2D.
  • Do not re-skin an already existing game or prototype!
  • You must publish the source of your game, e.g. to GitHub.
  • Your art, sound, and music must be licensed under Creative Commons.
  • You must submit your game to the Jam page before the deadline so don't miss it.

Useful Resources

CC0 by Mathias Lux
Cookie Monster by Zenze


The 4th Winter Game Jam takes place online! Stay tuned for more specific program announcements! All times in CET!

Day Time Location Program  
Tu, 01.12 17:00 Pre-Jam Twitch Stream Talk to the game jam veterans ... with Dirty Paws Studio Join us on Twitch!
Th, 10.12. 17:00 Pre-Jam Twitch Stream How do Game Studies and Engineering and the Game Jam blend together? .. with Wolfgang Hoi Join us on Twitch!
Fr, 18.12. 16:00 Online Welcome & Topic Announcement Join us on Twitch!
Fr, 18.12. 17:00 Online Project Pitching Check Discord for pitching your idea on stream!
Sa, 19.12. 10:00 Online Saturday Morning Stream on Twitch  
Sa, 19.12. 13:00 Online Community Lunch on Discord Join us for lunch on Discord
Sa, 19.12. 19:00 Online Late Night Stream on Twitch Tune in to see interviews with our fellow game devs/artists. Join the streaming channel on Discord to give an interview!
Sun, 20.12. 10:00 Online Sunday Morning Stream on Twitch  
Sun, 20.12. 16:00 Online Game Presentations Check Discord to see when it's your time to show your game!

Impressions from previous Game Jams

The team of the game Cookies in the Sky posing for the team photo.
Music producer Peter Hafele conjuring up soundscapes for the games.
next song
The Cookie and Cloud team at work late at night, still extremely motivated.


Check out the top 3 games of the last Klagenfurt Game Jam, taking place on April 24th 2020 until April 26th 2020:


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