Einführung in die strukturierte und objektbasierte Programmierung WS 2016/2017 (ESOP)

Ziel der Vorlesung

Ziel ist die Vermittlung der Grundlagen der Programmierung. Dazu gehören Konzepte wie Variablen, Kontrollstrukturen und strukturierte Programmierung. Neben dem theoretischen Wissen soll auch die heute gängige Praxis gezeigt werden, inkl. Verwendung von Versionierung, IDEs, Debugger, usw.


  • Allgemeine Einführung und Grundlagen der Programmierung
  • Einführung in Java
  • Arrays
  • Unterprogramme
  • Klassen, Interfaces, abgeleitete Klassen
  • Geheimnisprinzip
  • Ausnahmebehandlung
  • Aggregation
  • Namensräume
  • Ein- und Ausgabe, Java Collections
  • Rekursion, Threading
  • Scripting: JavaScript



Weitere Links:

I want to do more ...

  1. I have never programmed before. Try the hour of code at code.org
  2. I like this visual programming languages. Try out scratch
  3. I wanto make Android Apps with visual programming. Try out MIT App Inventor
  4. I want to do animations and graphics in Java-like code. Give Processing a try
  5. I want to learn Python script. Use PyCharm Edu Edition to learn in easy steps
  6. I want to get more practical. Get an Arduino starter kit and learn to program hardware
  7. I want to make a computer game. Use a frameworks for Java, JavaScript, or Lua
  8. I want to make an app. Try Android Studio or Apache Cordova

Introduction to Programming - the MORE course.

In parallel to the german ESOP course, we provide the english practical introductory course on programming. Due to the lack of a comprehensive english theoretical course we recommend reading:

  • Introduction to Programming Using Java, Seventh Edition by David J. Eck. This book is an extensive introduction to programming based on Java. I recommend to read over chapters 1, 2, and 3 to get the necessary background knowledge on variables, conditions and control structures to move on to "Head First Java", which is easier to read. However, this book is free to use.
  • Head First Java, 2nd Edition by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates. This book offers a great introduction to Java for people already aware of the basic principles of structured programming. You can get it in the library.

The slides for the course are available for download. English slides are available for the first seven lectures. From then the book Head First Java should cover most of the things. All the source code in the course has been be committed to the github repository.