Computer Games

The goal of this course is to introduce students to computer game production. This is not necessarily a technical issue especially as game production involves mostly non-technical work like creative audio, 3D and visual design, product management and planning, storyboarding & writing, and testing.

Schedule & Topics


Assignment 1 - due 23.12.

Play one of the following games for a significant amount of time. Those games were available as part of the Humble Indie Bundles.

Your task is to write an essay …

Send me your essay by email.

Assignment 2 - due 2.2.

The task is to plan and create a game level with a certain goal or topic. Besides planning and writing a game concept, also lessons learned and a postmortem have to be addressed.

Each group has to deliver …


The final grade is based on (i) project work and presentation and (ii) a multiple choice test.

Project work

Your task is to plan, implement and present a game level either with Gish or |Little Big Planet (LBP 1 or 2, PS3 or PSP, ask me if you want to borrow a copy).

Project results

under construction ….