Computer Games

The goal of this course is to introduce students to computer game production. This is not necessarily a technical issue especially as game production involves mostly non-technical work like creative audio, 3D and visual design, product management and planning, storyboarding & writing, and testing.

Note that all content generated by the course participants goes to the AAU Games Wiki.

Schedule & Topics


Assignment 1 - due 16.03.

Play one of the following games for a significant amount of time. Those games were available as part of the Humble Indie Bundles.

Your task is to write an essay …

Put the essay on the AAU Games Wiki. Make sure you add your name and the game you played along with the essay.

Assignment 2 - due 06.04.

You are team member of a group, and you have your assignment (the paper strip giving you directions on the game). Your task is to

Put the concept document on the AAU Games Wiki. Make sure to add your group name, game title and the name of the team members.


The final grade is based on (i) project work and presentation and (ii) a multiple choice test.