Multimedia Information Systems

The course multimedia information aims to give an overview on multimedia information retrieval, multimedia databases and multimedia metadata. The course also took place in summer semester 2007. You can find a page and all the slides here.


  1. Introduction, Motivation, Information Theory & Systems
  2. Information Retrieval
  3. Web based IR, PageRank, HITS
  4. Network Analysis & Social Networks (Guest Lecture)
  5. Multimedia Metadata
  6. Image Analysis and Content Based Image Retrieval
  7. Audio & Sound Analysis
  8. Video Information Systems
  9. Multimedia Databases


Students enrolled in the course have to participate actively (solve a few mandatory exercises and discuss results within the course) and have to do a course project (in small groups) and a presentation of the project within the semester. Grades are based on:

Possible projects will be listed within the next weeks. Furthermore students can suggest projects themselves. One example for a successful projects is the image mosaic feature in the Lire Demo (see here). Programming skills are required for the projects, the scope and language however are subject to discussion and can be chosen by the groups.

Schedule, Slides & Exercises

  1. 04.03. Introduction
    1. Slides: Download PDF
    2. Readings: Download PDF
  2. 11.03. Information Retrieval
    1. Slides: Download PDF
    2. Readings: Download PDF :!: not mandatory
    3. Exercise: Download Excel
  3. 18.03. Information Retrieval 2 & Retrieval Evaluation (4 h Block)
    1. Slides: Download PDF
    2. Exercise: Download PDF
  4. 01.04. (Social) Network Analysis Guest Lecture Markus Strohmaier
    1. Slides: Download PDF
  5. 08.04. Image Analysis
    1. Slides: Download PDF
    2. Exercise: Download ZIP
  6. 15.04. Video Analysis I
    1. Slides: Download PDF
  7. 22.04. Video Analysis II
    1. Slides: Download PDF
  8. 29.04. Indexing: Spatial Indexes, FastMap & Clustering
    1. Slides: Download PDF
  9. 06.05. Multimedia Metadata I
    1. Slides: Download PDF
  10. 20.05. Multimedia Metadata II
    1. Slides: Download PDF
  11. 27.05. Retrieval in the WWW (Crawling, PageRank & HITS)
    1. Slides: Download PDF
  12. 03.06. Project Presentations I
    1. Video summaries of medical videos (Pörtsch)
    2. Mining related tags in Flickr (Pitman)
    3. LSA for music metadata (Jonke & Waltl)
  13. 10.06. entfällt
  14. 17.06. entfällt
  15. 24.06. Project Presentations II
    1. Locality sensitive hashing (Kofler & Pasterk)
    2. Image Features (Finke & Unterzaucher)
    3. Seam Carving for non square pixels (Wanschou)
    4. Retrieval of intentions (Doliner & Irrasch)
    5. YouTube usage survey (Bartha)


Following projects have already been assigned:

For the final presentations at least 5 slides have to be prepared. If an implementation was part of the project please also prepare a demo. The whole project team has to talk within the presentation. Presentations should last no longer than 15 minutes + 5 minutes discussion time. Please send me the slides at least one day in advance.

Additional materials

Following materials are not mandatory but provide additional information for the interested reader:

License and Copyright

All slides and course materials are shared under the Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 Creative Commons License This means you can use them as long as you don't get rich by using them and you state that you got them from me. Derivative work has to be shared using a similar license. Consult the above link for more details.