Within the proseminar you need to pick a topic, do research on the topic, write a paper about that and present your results to the course. Furthermore you need to review the paper of several colleagues and write reviews on their work. Grades are based on your written work, your work done in writing reviews for other papers and your presentation. Topics and literature are provided, but can be suggested by students.

Note that for your research basic understanding of the assigned readings and the readings you find throughout your survey is required. You do not need to understand each and every detail as many of the papers present complex and specific things.


The course will be held in blocks. The blocks will take place at the end of the semester. Schedule will be discussed in the course.



(1) Designing Games with a Purpose - Games With a Purpose and Peekaboom: A Game for Locating Objects in Images - Thomas Gruber

(2) Human Computation - CAPTCHA: Using Hard AI Problems for Security and Human computation - Thomas Ressmann

(4) Social Multimedia Platforms - Enhancing social sharing of videos: fragment, annotate, enrich, and share - Andreas Brunner, Markus Schütz

(6) User Studies: Online Mail - Best of both worlds: improving gmail labels with the affordances of folders - Alessandro Aichmann

(7) Video Microblogging - Video microblogging: your 12 seconds of fame - Martin Breithuber, Alex Petr

(8) Intimacy in online gaming - The Rogue in the Lovely Black Dress: Intimacy in World of Warcraft - Nikolaus Hartlieb, Alexander Zaiser

(9) User Intentions on the Web - A Taxonomy of Web Search - Abdollahzadeh Said

(11) Ad detection in videos - On the Detection and Recognition of Television Commercials - Franz Haupt

(19) Social Online Gaming - The social side of gaming: a study of interaction patterns in a massively multiplayer online game - Prime├čnig Andreas

Abandoned Topics