Text documents

For all text documents authors have to ensure they are readable for all participants. For non editable text the PDF format is preferred, for editable and formatted text either Microsoft Word (.docx) format or the most recent OpenOffice format (.odf). For README files use markdown or plain text.


For emails I recommend to:

Submitting work

If you submit software, text, images or any other work to me make sure to

Submitting texts like theses or reports

Follow the rules of scientific publications. There are so many sources on how to structure and write scientific papers out there, every major publishers provides one. Find one and apply it. Specifically:

Code of Conduct and Plagiarism Policies

The University of California Berkely offers the following definition:

Plagiarism is defined as use of intellectual material produced by another person without acknowledging its source, for example:

For computer science classes this includes source code, video tutorials, and web pages used to create software for the course. It is mandatory to check for license compatibility, like (i) can it be used, (ii) how to attribute, and (iii) what license is implied by including this source. It is also mandatory to cite the sources in the report. Failing to do that counts as plagiarism.

Note that the Code of Conduct of the AAU applies. Students caught plagiarising or violation of the code of conduct will fail the course and will be removed from class immediately.