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Laureates 2005

Category Science: Raul Rojas und Team

For their works on „Konrad Zuse and the history of computers“, in particular for the reconstruction of the computer Z3 and the programming language „Plankalkül“ of Konrad Zuse, for the creative utilization of modern information technology in the service of computer history, for publishing their results on the Web and for integrating them in their teaching practice.

Category Art: Werner DePauli-Schimanovich

For his screenplay „Kurt Gödel and the mathematical logic“, in particular for the artistic construction of a bridge between the history of mathematics and informatics and between culture and science.

Special award in Category Science: Matthias Müller-Prove

For “Vision and Reality of Hypertext and Graphical User Interfaces”, for the thorough and fresh presentation of the most important and creative stages in the development of man/machine interfaces.


Laureates 2007