ImageCLEF 2013 participation

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I participated in one of the ImageCLEF 2013 medical tasks by experimenting with text-based retrieval and query expansion using MeSH ontology. The resulting CLEF 2013 working note paper is available here. The achieved performance for medical case retrieval was moderate, but there are additional options for text retrieval to explore before turning to visual retrieval.

I will have a poster presentation (not reviewed) at CLEF 2013 conference in two weeks. Here is the abstract:

Our approach to the ImageCLEF medical case retrieval task consists of text-only retrieval combined with utilizing the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) ontology. MeSH terms extracted from the query are used for query expansion or query term weighting. MeSH annotations of documents available from PubMed Central are added to the corpus. Retrieval results improve slightly upon full-text retrieval.

The poster is available here.