ACM Multimedia 2014 Doctoral Symposium

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Update: I had my presentation at ACM Multimedia 2014 on November 5, and received the Best Doctoral Symposium Paper Award. The slides are availabe here.

My PhD proposal has been accepted by the ACM Multimedia 2014 Doctoral Symposium. The paper is available here.

The proposed PhD project addresses the problem of finding descriptions of diseases or patients’ health records that are relevant for a given description of patient’s symptoms, also known as medical case retrieval (MCR). Designing an automatic multimodal MCR system applicable to general medical data sets still presents an open research problem, as indicated by the ImageCLEF 2013 MCR challenge, where the best submitted runs achieved only moderate retrieval performance and used purely textual techniques. This project therefore aims at designing a multimodal MCR model that is capable of achieving a substantially better retrieval performance on the ImageCLEF data set than state-of-the-art techniques. Moreover, the potential of further improvement by leveraging relevance feedback of medical expert users for long-term learning will be investigated.